Et par timer med Claus Hylstofte Blomsterberg kan styrke din forretningsmæssige og personlige udvikling

Our steadily increasing demands on our communication skills and, importantly , recent research has shown that if we can get the other party to release dopamine in the brain during conversations and we can achieve a significantly higher return on our communication. Therefore , the focus on direct communication and the ability to identify needs of the recipient and building trust and credibility with the other party , be even more important in the future. On the fruitful communication work we work with:

What questions must be asked ?
What types of questions give the right answer?
How to create a trusting communication?
Review of the value-based communication
The ability to uncover the real benefits for the employee
How can skills translate into value ?
What drives the individual and how this is confirmed ?

Work will be done with examples of solutions and create an understanding of the creative thinking and the solution that provides the highest possible yield. It includes , in addition to presentation training also 2 cases based on challenges from the individual's daily life.

Case 1
Introduction of conversations , create confidence and keep you updated .

Case 2
Identifying needs and the ability to formulate them in a constructive and motivating way and have them confirmed by the counterparty.

Behavior change challenges are reviewed and tools to make the other party understand the needs and opportunities and apply these forward-looking are presented and working with cases from participants to improve understanding. We are working with:

Body Language
Representation Systems
Types and how do we recognize them
To finish examines the 1 to 1 :
Where should the focus be?
What should be thoroughly prepared in relation to the future of communication ?
What minimum requirements should be imposed to the conversation ?
Preparing for action.
Homework focused on opportunities and follow-up prospectively

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make arrangements. The program adapted skill level of the individual company.


With more than 30 years of international experience in management, sales and purchasing, Claus Hylstofte Blomsterberg is one of the leading experts in value-based business and developing of new markets.Her kan du læse nogle af de artikler som Blomsterberg Management har medvirket i. Read more in the cv.

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