Identify the underlying reasons, why somebody should  purchase from you or sell to you.  Find<br> benefits and values for both you and the counterpart  by using the Total Value model.Programs where focus is to understand the unidentified  potential for you, your company and your counterpart. Achieve part of the value by changing your behavior.It is our abilities as creators of relations, which are the  significant reasons to our success. Use the Total Value model to make your success even bigger.Why are some successful and what is the reason that others are not? Obtain insight on the parameters and opportunities that make you successful,  when you buying, selling, do leading or negotiating.Get your share of my experience from more than 30 years of doing  business in 89 countries. Learn from the mistakes and success stories, combined with business management theory.


Claus Hylstofte Blomsterberg - Founder of Blomsterberg Management has developed the management system Total Value and Total Value Leadership. Blomsterberg Management focusing on how to ensure success in all business relationships through value-based behavior. A combination of theory and real businesses ensure anchoring and behavioral changes. Result: greater satisfaction and a better bottom line.


With more than 30 years of international experience in management, sales and purchasing, Claus Hylstofte Blomsterberg is one of the leading experts in value-based business and developing of new markets.Her kan du læse nogle af de artikler som Blomsterberg Management har medvirket i. Read more in the cv.

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